partnerships-cmasTSS signs California Multiple Award Schedule Contract with the State of California

The State of California signed a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract with TSS Consultants. The contract effective date is June 14, 2012 and remains in force through Septmeber 30, 2014. This contract will allow any agency of the State of California to directly retain TSS Consultants for services.

partnerships-bacBioenergy Association of California

BAC is focused on promoting small-scale bioenergy generation from a wide-range of sustainably available organic waste sources, including dairy and agricultural waste, food and food processing waste, water treatment waste, other organic urban waste, and forest biomass. BAC’s work is focused primarily on policy advocacy, communications, public education and outreach, research and industry best practices.

partnerships-uwUniversity of Washington and TSS to Conduct Statewide Biomass Resource Assessment

Washington Department of Natural Resources Selects the University of Washington in association with TSS Consultants to Conduct Statewide Biomass Resource Assessment

TSS Consultants will be teaming with the University of Washington for a unique project in the State of Washinton. The Washington DNR recently selected the University of Washington and TSS Consultants to conduct a statewide forest biomass assessment. The assessment will estimate woody biomass volume, throughout the State of Washington, from forest operations on a long-term, sustainable basis to be used as feedstock for energy production. The assessment will utilize various filters, such as operational feasibility, as well as financial and environmental hurdles to determine suitable prospective woody biomass volumes.

It is anticipated that assessment results will provide forest resource managers with data and tools (e.g., biomass calculator) to generate reasonably accurate estimates of woody biomass material available for energy production. In addition, this assessment will provide potential bioenergy project developers with a regional overview regarding biomass feedstock availability within the state of Washington. It is anticipated that a final report providing detailed results will be issued by September, 2011.