Tad Mason
Chief Executive Officer

partner-tadTad Mason has over 30 years of experience in the fields of renewable energy project development, natural resources management, biomass fuels/feedstock procurement, and forest/range hazardous fuels reduction. As a Registered Professional Forester, Mr. Mason has hands on experience in all aspects of natural resources management from preparation of forest management plans, to managing forest fuels reduction projects, to advising decision makers on key policies in support of forest fuels treatment/restoration.

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Frederick Tornatore
Chief Technical Officer

partner-fredFrederick Tornatore is Chief Technical Office and Executive Vice President of TSS. Mr. Tornatore has over 35 years experience in environmental management and regulatory compliance, energy development, permitting and environmental impact analyses, and technology evaluation. As a consultant, he has worked for a large array of clients in a variety of energy, industrial, commercial, and institutional areas. Clients have included firms in the fields of energy development, manufacturing, aerospace, utilities, refining, exploration and production, mining and cement, recycling and scrap metal, real estate development, law, as well as federal (DOD and DOE), state, and local governmental entities.

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David Augustine
Senior Environmental Consultant

SONY DSCDavid Augustine has over thirty years experience in environmental analysis, management, and compliance and the economic and financial analysis of electric generating facilities. He has worked for an electric utility, a natural gas utility and a number of management and environmental consulting firms. Clients worked for have included power plant developers, a residential developer, alternative electric generation developers, an engine inventor, and federal, state and local government agencies including the DOE, DOT and the California Public Utilities Commission.

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Darrel Kelly
Biomass Power Plant Operations Consultant

associatesDarrel-KellyDarrel Kelly has worked in the field of Power Engineering for over 49 years. Mr. Kelly has 17 years of experience in the management in power operations for the pulp and paper industry primarily in the western U.S. In addition, he has 26 years of experience in operations and management of wood fired biomass power facilities, also in the western U.S. In his capacity as a consultant with TSS, Mr. Kelly has worked on a variety of assignments with regard to biomass power project development and operations, including permit acquisition, E.P.A air, water and waste compliance issues, and biomass fuel supply and logistics.

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Larry Potts
Forest Products Consultant

associates-LarryLarry Potts is a forester by education with nearly 40 years of experience in the forest products industry, working in forestry, lumber manufacturing and marketing, and combined heat and power projects. Over the past 21 years he has worked at the executive and senior management level, spearheading manufacturing improvement projects, team-building and human resource development, and developing sustainable resource processes and biomass energy production systems. These activities have led him to develop a unique perspective regarding the interrelatedness of the social, environmental, and economic forces present in the everyday life. He is a founding member of the Forest Stewardship Council and served on the FSC US Board of Directors from 1997-2000. He is also a California Licensed Professional Forester #917.

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Roy McDonald
Senior Project and Program Manager

associates-RoyDr. Roy McDonald serves diverse private and public clients focusing upon project and program management and the development and implementation of innovative, cost-saving environmental regulatory permitting and compliance strategies. Dr. McDonald is an expert on California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) procedures, processes, and compliance strategies. On behalf of his clients, Dr. McDonald has worked extensively with multiple federal, State, and local agencies, with NGOs, and with the public on many kinds and scales of permitting projects, from repairing existing pipelines and transmission lines, to dredging San Francisco Bay, selling multiple utility-owned hydropower and fossil fuel generating assets, and expanding California’s largest water supply system. He is a skilled negotiator and facilitator.

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Richard Harris
Senior Environmental Analyst

associates-Richard-HarrisDr. Harris was project manager and/or principal-in-charge for many environmental assessment and planning projects throughout California and in other western states during the period 1977-1982. These included general plans, resource management plans, environmental impact reports and statements and forest management plans.From1982 to the present, Dr. Harris conducted riparian vegetation assessments for numerous proposed and existing hydroelectric, water supply and flood control projects on streams throughout California. These studies have included comprehensive literature reviews, field data collection, quantitative analysis of field data, and publication of many professional reports and several peer-reviewed journal articles. Clients have included EA Engineering, ENTRIX, MWH, Resource Insights and START California. Recent projects have been on the Kern River, Feather River (Oroville Project), Whitewater River, South Fork American River, Orestimba Creek and Truckee River.

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Calvin Teruo Mukumoto

calW250Calvin Mukumoto is a business manager with over 35 years of experience. Working at the senior executive level, Cal is experienced in strategic business planning, business viability assessments, marketing, interim management, contract negotiation, project management and turnaround management.

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