Established in 1986 with headquarters near Sacramento, California, TSS is a renewable energy, natural resource management, and financial consulting firm that provides evaluations of existing and proposed renewable energy projects, new energy technologies, biomass waste disposal alternatives, and life cycle analyses. TSS offers project development teams for feasibility assessments, asset purchases, financing, construction and startup, and financial risk assessments. Active nationally and internationally, TSS also provides research, analysis, and assistance in commercializing new renewable energy technologies for public and private clients with a focus on biomass, biofuels, geothermal, and solar technologies. TSS has extensive public and private sector experience in energy, natural resources management, environmental assessments, technology evaluations, wildfire management, and wildland fuel mitigation and evaluation.

TSS Consultants is an interdisciplinary consulting firm that provides renewable energy, natural resources management, environmental permitting and compliance management, greenhouse gas management, and financial assessment services. Clients served range from public sector agencies to private sector businesses, Tribal enterprises, public utilities, municipal utilities, investment banks, and non-profit organizations. TSS has a time-tested approach implementing comprehensive feasibility assessments of bioenergy projects addressing the financial, regulatory, feedstock supply, technical, and institutional barriers and risks that impacts successful project development.

For almost 30 years, TSS has provided technological and economic evaluation of existing and proposed energy (power and/or thermal) projects, biomass resource utilization alternatives, and policy review focused on the dynamic field of greenhouse gas management. The TSS team has over 150 years of cumulative experience in renewable energy, forestry and wildfire management, wildland fuel mitigation, environmental permitting, and regulatory compliance, climate change mitigation and greenhouse gas management. TSS consistently advocates the use of sustainable biomass resources and appropriate technologies for creating electric power, process heating and cooling, and transportation fuels.